Prague Czech Republic - Day 6-7 7/15

Back to Prague. This time we stay in a new place. A private room in Praha 1 area. Cost: US$57 per night.

We bet the red tablecloth and carpet are leftovers from the communist era...

About to have the most expensive meal of our whole trip...

Vaclavske namesti (Wenceslas Square) is the historical assembly point for the Czechs. The arrival of Soviet tanks in 1968, as depicted in the movie 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being', also happened here...

Even our video footage can't truely describe how brilliant this street band is!! We listened to them for almost 40 minutes sitting on the street and of course, we eventually put down some money...

Three-time winner of "Best Coffee in Prague"

Přícný řez (Cross-Cut) - a local favorite . Extremely delicious!!!! The whole meal (for 2) costs only 308 Kc (US$11.2).

Recommended: Duck with taragon and lime 145 Kc (US$5.25)

Capitalism is taking over - a brand new shopping mall

BestBuy look-alike but their models are still 1-2 years behind

The lag doesn't apply to pop-culture though.

Last stop in Prague - the Mozart Museum. It's believed that 'the Man' had played on that piano! Entrance fee: 90Kc (US$3.27)

One last glance of this unforgettable city 小舟五號