Prague Czech Republic - Day 2-3 3/15

Novy Svet - a quiet little neighborhood within the Hradcany (Castle) area

Don't you love to live here?

Down the road from Novy Svet is the Strahov Monastery. Its library has 800 years of history. Entrance fee: 60 Kc (US$2.18)

Revisiting Charles Bridge

Underneath the Charles Bridge.

At the west end of the bridge is the Kampa Square, lined with road side cafe

It's a totally different scene on the bridge during the day...

...with loads of tourists!

"Why is everybody staring at me?"

More groceries shopping

This ensemble concert costs 800 Kc (US$29), totally not worth it after hearing a street performance in the following evening!

Checking emails. Reflection: the purpose of travelling is to get away from the routine day-to-day life, how come we are always tempted to get back to it? Is this what Milan Kundera called "vertigo" in his book "Unbearable Lightness of Being"?

This meal (for 2) costs 333 Kc (US$12), the beer costs 25 Kc, whereas tea is 39 Kc!

This bald dude and his wife are the spokesperson for T-Mobile in Czech. You can see them everywhere...

Checking bus schedule for tomorrow

The Rott House, which now has a neo-Renaissance facade

Laterna Magika - a theatre showcasing abstract multimedia performance since 1983. We eventually did catch a show here.

The Dancing House was built iin 1996. The architecture incorporated a style called "Cubism". It is an art form developed in the early 20th Century by Pablo Picasso. The essence of cubism is to show different views of an object put together in a way that you can not actually see in real life. You understand what I am talking about? I know I don't ....

Charles Bridge at night

Dining in the Old Town Square 小舟五號