Prague Czech Republic - Day 2 2/15

It's 8 in the morning and we are heading to the icon landmark of Prague - the Charles Bridge. Ahead of us is the Bridge Tower at the east end...

Karluv Most - the Charles Bridge

This is just like the Prague in our imagination - tranquil, romantic, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Capturing the beauty on paper...

Behind the west tower is the 13th-century Mala Strana (Lesser Quarter)

House signs are common on these Baroque town houses. In the past, the signs served to identify houses.

No. 12 House of Three Little Fiddles where makers of string instruments used to live

No.47 House of the Two Suns

It's believed that Mozart used to hang out in this area. In fact, a couple scenes in 'Amadeus' were also shot here.

Nerudova Street - the historical road leading up to the Castle

We are officially inside the Prazky hrad (Prague Castle). Entrance fee: 220 Kc (US$8)

The St. Vitus Cathedral. It looks like a giant alien space ship to me

The facade

This church is magnificent inside!

The stained-glass casts the most beautiful colors on the wall.

Inside the Old Royal Palace

The Golden Lane - goldsmiths set up shops here after the great fire in the Mala Strana in 1541.

View from the Palace

Beer is dirt cheap here. This costs only 60 cents in US$.

Roast duck with knedliky (dumplings) - one of Czech's famous local dishes (Price: 190Kc, US$6.9) 小舟五號