Levoča Slovakia - Day 8-9 8/15

Leaving Czech and heading to her sister country - Slovakia

Train fare from Prague to Košice: 943 Kc (US$34.24). We got off early at Poprad.

This 8 hrs train ride to Poprad is quite comfortable throughout. After we arrived Poprah, we took a bus to Levoča, 30 mintues ride.

Levoča, in the north of East Slovakia, pop.14,139. Behind Mike is the original town wall from the 14th century.

Everyone has retreated to their homes in this Sunday afternoon. With occasional smiling faces looking out the windows, this town shows its welcome to us...

This town is a little run-down compared to its Czech cousins but it does express a quiet and innocent beauty.

Our stay in the town. Cost: 700 Sk (US$19.5) per night

Catching some Slovak TV in the common room

Tea time - common kitchen

The traveling does drain from you . (Disclaimer from cyn: I did like Owen at the time, but not anymore...)

We ate 3 meals during the 2 days stay of this town at the same restaurant: Reštaurácia Slovenká, recommended by Lonely Planet. Food is inexpensive with a homely taste. An entree cost only US$2.

Time to leave this lovely town

Bus schedule is written in the Slovak language, but somehow we managed to get on the right bus. Bus fare from Levoča to Košice is 116 Sk (US$3.25)

Getting on the bus with the locals is an art