Košice → Eger Slovakia → Hungary - Day 10 10/15

Košice - Slovakia's 2nd largest city. Our train route to Hungary starts here.

We didn't expect much from this far-east city but it turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise. This town center boasts a number of fine restaurants and hotels.

Not sure what this does but it looks interesting

The Plague column

Košice Terminal. As you can see, the place is pretty run-down, compared to other places we've seen so far. So we decided to head for Hungary. We scanned through the train schedule looking for names we recognized and found Miskolc. The industrial city of Miskolc in Hungary is not featured in Lonely Planet but in the chapter of Eger, it mentioned the existence of bus route between the two places. So we took the risk and get on a train to Miskolc! Train fare: 316Sk (US$8.79)

Train station of a pass-by small town. I wish those in China were as nice as this one...

After we arrived to Miskolc, we found that all buses to Eger have left. The lady at the train station told us to go by train instead. (Thank God she speaks English!) There is a small catch though, we need to switch train at a very small station called Tiszai. Luckily, the switch was smooth. Train fare: 640 Ft (US$2.84)

Something scary happened here (Miskolc). Long story short: we misinterpreted the noticeboard here (no English!) and almost missed our very important train!

This train literally started leaving the station while we were getting on it! Whew... That was close!

Sunflower field

We had to catch three different connecting trains in a day. The running around and stress took a toll on us...