Eger Hungary - Day 11 12/15

Looking out the morning street from our window

Complimentary breakfast in the hotel

A better view of our 'Hotel Senator'

Hotel Senator is all booked for the day, so we have to move. Hotel Romantik is recommended by Lonely Planet, we got a nice room on the second floor facing the back garden. Cost: 14300 Ft ($64.49). It seems we are moving away from the backpacker's call to modesty, not a good sign...

Eger (pronounced Egg-air) - a small baroque town 79 miles NE of Budapest

Asking for info

Checking email

Archbishops Cathedral - the second largest church in Hungary

We attended an organ concert inside the church...

with a bunch of local middle-schoolers

Fall is always the best time to travel because the different shades of green create the most gorgeous scene.

Beautiful iron work

Inside the Lyceum - a teachers college today

Inside the Lyceum is the Main Bishopric Library - the most famous library of the country. It has 130,000 volumes, including the first book printed in Hungary (in 1473), and a letter written by Mozart.

Sitting among a bunch of local highschoolers, we listen to an intro given by the chief librarian. Of course we have absolutely no idea what she is talking about!!

An incredible ceiling-frescos

These highschool kids look just like their American counterparts...

A bird's-eye view of the town from the observatory on the 6th floor of Lyceum

Some future teachers

We can never get enough pastry! Yummy!!

Dinner at Hotel Senator. Here we tried out a Hungarian specialty - Garlic soup. Very creamy and tasty, almost full after the soup, cost only 350 Ft (US$1.58)

Checking emails again in the evening. Checking email two times a day while on vacation - really bad cosmopolitan habit!

After spending a day relaxing in the unobtrusive Eger, we are off to our last stop in this trip - Budapest - the cosmopolitan center of Central Europe.