Český Krumlov Czech Republic - Day 5 6/15

Breakfast inside the pension

The fresco on the house behind me depicts the "Rosenberg Rider", dated 1580. The Rosenberg family ruled this region from 1302 to 1602.

On the wall are alchemistic and cabbalistic symbols.

Budějovická Gate was built in 1598.

Inside this medieval architecture is a hotel!

Inside the Chateau

View of the town from the Český Krumlov Chateau

Lunch inside the pension, we just love this place so much that we have to eat every meal here. Well, the truth is that it is cheaper to eat canned food, afterall, Český Krumlov is a hot tourist spot!

The Plastovy most (bridge)

Riverside residences

There is time for communication...

...and time for laundry

Pizzas really taste better while we are traveling

The Český Krumlov Chateau at nightfall

Our fellow backpackers

Leaving their marks

Susanna, our hostel host - she speaks Czech, English and Japanese!