Český Krumlov Czech Republic - Day 4 5/15

Walking away from the tourist town center, we came upon a lake. The hill in the far sight is where we are heading to - Křižová Hora (Cross Hill)

Along the way is where locals live. Talk about quality of life!

As we climbed the holy way, we came across 5 empty shrines, where statues and icons were used to be installed.

The Cross Hill Chapel

Looking down the town from the top of Cross Hill

Taking a moment in front of the chapel entrance, immersing myself into the tranquil surrounding.

I don't think these residents have high paying jobs, but look at their fine living enviroment! The thing is they have time to enjoy it...

Getting food for tomorrow's breakfast

This town was flooded in August 2002. Water went up to the first floor of the houses along the bank. We can still see the water marks on the walls of some of the houses.

A meat lover's dream

Unlike Prague, the night scene here is much more peaceful.