Roma Day 7-9 6/7

Piazza San Pietro and Basilica in the Vatican City.

Where is the Pope?

The Spanish Steps

Looking down to Trinita dei Monti, a street lined with famous designer shops, from the top of the Spanish Steps.

The Spanish Steps serve as the meeting and hang-out place for the local as well as the tourist.

Handsome Italian police on display :)

Showing off amazing skills...

The Pantheon is Rome's best-preserved ancient building. Again, it's 2000 years-old...

The dome is a perfect sphere, opens on top to allow natural lighting.

Street band performs in front of the Pantheon in the evening.

Another street band performs in front of the Roman Forum. Modern music played off an ancient background, it is indeed an insteresting "jam".

Just in time for Eurochocolate - an annual chocolate festivity held in Europe. They broke up this monster egg at the last day of the festival and thousands of people got a piece of it. Too bad we weren't there!

very, very delicious Itatian pastries, yum yum!

A sidewalk cafe at Piazza Navona. Two Caffe Latte and a slice of unknown dessert...

very very delicious pizza too!

yup, even me, a pizza-hater, loves it